JUST IN: Roger Sit endorses Loucks for Edina School Board

Focus on Students.
Empower Teachers.
Engage Parents.



Focus on Students.
Empower Teachers.
Engage Parents.



Our priority should be ensuring academic excellence for our school district, achieved through a transparent and collaborative relationship between students, teachers, and parents.

Focus on Students

Every decision should be based on what is best for students

One of the best ways we can do this is to actually talk to students. What are they excited about at school? Do they feel challenged? What causes the most stress? We need to gather qualitative and quantitative data to determine the effectiveness of certain programs while maintaining an environment where all students feel safe and respected.

What will I do as a Board Member for Students? I will visit all of our schools on a regular basis to meet with students. I will work with administrators and teachers at each school to develop the most consistent and effective way to meet with their students and have a dialogue where their voice can be heard.

Empower Teachers

Teachers should be empowered to do what is best for students

We have incredible teachers in our district. They are experienced, they work tirelessly and they care deeply about our students. We need to give them the autonomy to use their expertise to do their jobs without directives from people who spend little or no time in the classroom. We should listen first and foremost to teachers' ideas for improvements and then work with them to get the right tools in their hands to make effective changes.

What will I do as a Board Member for Teachers? Similar to my goal for students, I will visit schools regularly to meet with teachers. As a teacher myself, I know the importance that a supportive Board can provide to empower teachers to do their best for students.

Engage Parents

Parents should be engaged as partners through transparent and clear communication

Parents don't like surprises when it comes to their children's education. We need to ensure that we are clear and transparent with our communication to parents, using language that avoids educational jargon. The Board needs to be clear on its priorities and engage with parents using both quantitative data-driven outcomes and qualitative measures. Parents don’t want to feel out of the loop on issues like:

  • bus transportation / school start times
  • operational levies
  • superintendent selection process
  • curriculum changes (e.g. "personalized learning") that affect their children
  • balance between academic excellence and social justice issues

In addition, our parents' various professional experiences provide this community with a unique and untapped asset. We can do a better job of leveraging this collective expertise. We have the opportunity to provide our students with a chance to use their critical thinking skills in a variety of different industries.

What will I do as a Board Member for Parents? Based on conversations with parents, I support these new channels of communication:

  • Board Meeting formats that include the opportunity for dialogue instead of limited comments
  • Town Hall meetings / forums where hot-button issues can be discussed in more detail
  • A transparent and clear 1-paragraph summary of each Board Meeting on my website

In addition to students, teachers and parents, we also need to remember that we serve the Edina community at large. Similar to parents, community members do not like surprises. They want to understand how their money is being used in language they can understand.


Teaching Experience
School Board Experience
Business Experience
Teaching Experience
School Board Experience
Business Experience

  • 5 years experience as an ESL teacher in North and South Minneapolis
  • Previously served on Board of Hiawatha Leadership Academy (Finance Committee)
  • 15 years in the investment management industry
  • Volunteer for Edina Basketball Association, Edina Baseball Association and Edina Soccer Association
  • University of Chicago (AB ’95, MBA ’01)
  • Hamline University (ESL Teaching License)
  • Three children in Edina Public Schools (Elena in 6th grade at Valley View, Thomas in 4th grade at Normandale, Bella in 1st grade at Normandale)


  • Bryan Dye

    Matt has the knowledge and leadership to make our school system better! He’s an honest candidate with proven skills.

  • Jeff and Shannon Awsumb

    Matt would be an excellent addition to the School Board. He has demonstrated himself to be an honest person of great integrity and generosity in donating his time to coaching multiple sports for our kids and others in the community. We will be voting for Matt and encourage others to do so.

  • Roxanne DeFrancesco

    Matt's impeccable credentials are only topped by his outstanding character. When Matt says he cares, it's because he does. When he commits, he does so wholeheartedly. I cannot think of someone better suited to serve on a school board. Edina would be fortunate to have Matt serve on its school board building bridges for the community's students, families, and educators.

  • Jim Vitt
  • Jeff Wojnicz

    Matt has the rare combination of intelligence, humility, and dedication to deliver results. He will be a terrific asset to our schools!

  • Minghong Fan

    Knowing Matt for 10+ years, I am confident he will fight hard for better education in Edina. His first hand teaching experience. His passion and caring about the community well position him for the school board.

  • Yan Zhang
  • Jeff Jackson

    I have known Matt since childhood. He is truly the best person I know. He is incredibly intelligent, caring, and passionate in every endeavor in his life. His background in the investment world and as an elementary school teacher would bring a unique and important perspective to the board. He is a terrific father and would be a wonderful addition to the school board.

  • Daniel and Deborah Day

    The choice is clear from our standpoint: VOTE for MATT LOUCKS!!!

  • Sandro Garofalo

    Matt is a deeply engaged parent and community member who connects easily with young students. I appreciate Matt's emphasis on the importance of data and subject matter expertise as a means for arriving at the best decisions for our students, teachers and the district, as well as Matt's openness to considering and learning from differing points of view. His background in education and his professional accomplishments make him uniquely suited for a seat on the school board, and he is running for all the right reasons. Matt has my vote.

  • Dan and Amy Farsht

    Matt Loucks is a committed educator, community member and father. His sincere passion for Edina and thoughtful approach to problem solving is a winning combination. We are thrilled Matt is running for a school board seat and know he will help unite this community.

  • Jill Heath
  • Mike McGrath

    I was Matt’s basketball coach at the University of Chicago. Never coached a more thoughtful or caring person. The value he places on education combined with his leadership skills make him an amazing candidate.

  • Paul and Jean Mooty

    Matt's background and temperament along with his well articulated platform for our students, teachers and parents make him the perfect person to serve on the School Board. We wholeheartedly endorse Matt and look forward to his service.

  • Winnie Martin

    Matt represent a sound mind with a voice of reason. With his experience in finance and teaching he will bring a unique vision to the board that will better the school district and the community. He understands the classroom. He understands the boardroom. He will move this District forward.

  • Josie Fontana
  • Tress Ahles

    As a colleague of Matt's I witnessed first hand his dedication to doing what's best for students. Matt is well-versed in current pedagogical theory. This along with his deep experience in business makes him an ideal candidate to serve the Edina community as a member of the school board.

  • Jicheng Xia
  • Joan Gao
  • Tim Armbrustmacher

    Matt has a diverse background that will help serve the Edina community. He had a successful career in the competitive investment management industry which is very results driven. He has educational experience by being a teacher, which will help him relate to educators, parents and students. As well as having board experience in understanding administration and holding them accountable. He would serve the board well by setting high standards as well as understanding the challenges of the education environment.

  • Derek and Jenny Springer

    Matt would be a great addition to the school board. We have had the pleasure of seeing his enthusiasm and passion for education firsthand and know that he will bring a wealth of experience to the position.

  • Bill Fullerton

    I have known Matt since he moved to Edina. I have watched him raise his children. He has experience that will be useful in his role as a school board member. Even more important than that, he does what he says he will do. Thanks Matt!

  • Jim & Katie Douglas

    We respect Matt and really like the common sense platform he is running on - especially empowering the teachers. Good luck Matt and you have our votes.

  • Ben Silber

    One of the things I have always admired about Matt is the enormous energy he brings to school issues. He will be working hard to gather input from parents, teachers and other citizens about what they think is working and what can improve. He is truly passionate about education.

  • John & Stephanie Potter

    Matt brings a skill set, an experience, an acumen, and a perspective that will serve the school district, its stakeholders, and the Board well.

  • Ryan and Patricia Engle

    Matt is a person of integrity and tenacity who would make an outstanding school board member. He has our full support.

  • Brad and Susie Baker

    Matt's qualifications and passion for education make him the perfect candidate for the Edina School Board. His experience in the business world, community, and schools sets him above the others!

  • Julie and Matt Walter

    You have our vote!

  • Eric Nelson

    I fully support Matt Loucks for the Edina School Board.

  • Shehzaad and Anjum Kaka

    You definitely have our support! Matt -- you are a great guy and we are confident you will do great things for Edina Schools and the Edina community.

  • Brooke and Dominic Allocco

    We know Matt Loucks personally and he is extremely kind, caring, intelligent, thoughtful and community oriented. His background and experience - he was educated at the University of Chicago, had a distinguished finance career and now teaches in the Minneapolis public school system - make him exceptionally qualified. He would be a fantastic School Board member - please vote for him!

  • Mindy Greeley
  • Mike Prickett

    I am very excited that Matt is running for our school board. Matt left a very successful career in the private sector to pursue education because he believes what he's trying to do is important - he's right. This is a talented, good guy, that will bring a great mix of experiences to the board. Get the word out and let's help Matt get elected!!!!

  • Lorenzo Bassi

    Matt is an incredibly bright and capable individual, with experience both in business as well as in education. He would be a great fit for the Edina School Board!

  • Johnny & Emily McWhite

    I am thrilled to see Matt running for the school board. I know he would be a great fit, based on his past experiences. I know Matt personally and he's a great person.

  • Jay Stockwell, Commander USNR (Ret.)

    I have never met a more committed father than Matt Loucks! His commitment to his family, community and friends are hallmarks of his character. Please join me in supporting Matt Loucks for School Board. I know he is perfect for the role. My mother was on my school board for 12 years. My mother would have liked Matt. Jay and Betsy Stockwell will cast their votes for Matt Loucks in November! Nebraska should be 7 - 1 by then!

  • Brigitta Sharpe

    As the mother of a 9 year old Concord Elementary student, I am thrilled to see Matt run for the school board! He is intelligent, insightful, hard-working and passionate about educating children. His life experiences put him in a unique position to fulfill his platform. You have my vote.

  • Cory Kallheim

    Matt has the right skill set, intellect, and temperament to serve successfully on the school board. The board needs leaders like Matt and he will have a positive impact on our students, teachers and the district.

  • Andy Laske

    Matt has my support as someone who will listen to and advocate for Students, Parents and Teachers.

  • Bob Bennett

    Matt is a well qualified for the position both professionally and personally. He holds true to his values and has the energy to help move the Edina school system forward.

  • Jim Nasby

    Matt has the experience and talent to be an outstanding school board member. He should get enthusiastic support from all age groups in Edina.

  • Mark and Becky Odland

    Matt is not only uniquely qualified but has values we all desire. Matt left a successful career in business to pursue his passion - the education of our children.

  • Kirsten & Scott Rewey

    Matt is a both passionate and knowledgeable about our community and the education of our children. He will bring focus and energy along with great experience from both the business world and education system. Mostly, Matt is a great person. He shows interest in others and brings an energy to his relationships that is sincere. We were thrilled to learn he is running for the School Board!

  • Kari Norman

    Matt is an outstanding dad and educator and I would be thrilled to have him represent on the School Board.

  • Rachel Curfman LaTour

    You have my full support. Your background and passion will be a great addition to the board.

  • Mark Sparano

    We have known Matt and his family the last six years. We are blessed to have them as friends and neighbors. Matt will give 110% to the EPS Board and another 120% to the students. He is passion-led, well qualified and an overall nice guy. What better can we ask for to compliment the current Board composition. He has my vote and my wife's vote. Go Matt!

  • Dan & Monique Werry

    We will be a stronger community by empowering Matt's commitment, knowledge & experience on our School Board. He has our vote!!

  • Desmond and Podaly Jay

    We are absolutely confident that Matt will be a valuable addition to the Edina School Board. We will be voting for him!

  • Hilary Santoni

    Matt's relevant experience, proven skills, and common sense will make him an excellent Edina School Board member. He has my vote.

  • Jack Boyer

    Matt has such great and varied experience that we know Matt will do a great job. Having a first class education from the University of Chicago will help Edina keep its standards high.

  • Brian Kovalchuk

    Matt's unique skill set and experience should be of tremendous value to the education system and community.

  • Scott Thiss

    Matt is value driven, has the right work experience and a vision for Edina Schools. I believe he will focus on students, empower teachers and engage with parents and the community. We need smart candidates like Matt on the Edina School Board.

  • John Mason

    I have known Matt for a number of years and have spend multiple occasions talking to him about his position as a math teacher. It is clear Matt has the heart, mind and gentle personality for teaching. These characteristics are combined with a business background that make Matt a perfect candidate. Personally, I have found Matt willing to listen with the ability to understand an opposing position. I wholly endorse Matt and will cast my vote for him on election day.

  • Scott Sanderson

    Matt has the knowledge, skills, temperament, and experience needed for our school board. Can't think of a better man for the job!

  • Melanie Berg

    Matt would be an excellent addition to the Edina School board. He has the rare talent of being a great communicator with both kids and parents. We'd be lucky to have him serve and he definitely has my vote.

  • Brian and Lynnae Gudmundson

    Matt has our vote.

  • Jim Rice

    I have known Matt and Maria for 8 years. I cannot think of a better candidate to serve on the school board: he is a great father, youth coach and an accomplished teacher. Matt's diverse background and class room experience will be a strong addition to the Edina School Board.

  • Mark Greene

    I am voting for Matt because he has the qualifications and experience needed for our school board. Matt is an impressive individual. He earned the CFA designation, worked in Finance, taught for Teach For America and is a dedicated parent.

  • Bob Vose

    As the father of a 9 year old on a baseball team Matt is co-coaching, I'm impressed with his ability to communicate with the kids. As a lawyer that exclusively represents local governments, I'm impressed with Matt's credentials to serve on our school board.

  • David Gremmels

    I have know Matt for 10 years and he will be an outstanding school board leader. I know he will be a great advocate for the students and teachers of Edina.

  • David Farmer

    I have known Matt for several years. Sincere, honest, and intelligent. His diverse background and experience would be a valuable asset to the Edina School Board and to our community!!

  • Scott Flaherty

    Everyone in the race has the best interest of Edina schools at heart. But it takes more than desire to make an impact. Matt has the right mind set and skill set to make a difference.

  • Patrick Manion

    Matt will get my vote. He is WELL qualified and will listen to the students and teachers!

  • Chad LaTour

    Matt will do a great job. He has my vote!

  • Tara Broich

    Matt has my vote! He is well qualified, approachable, friendly, and has school aged kids. I feel very confident he would be passionate about his position and would do an amazing job!

  • Rob Albright
    —Treasurer, MN Comeback

    I got to know Matt as our daughters were entering Kindergarten around 2010-11. That was also the time when he was transitioning from a finance career to teaching. I think that life change really says it all about Matt. He has the intellect and experience of a UofC-trained finance professional with a true commitment to making a difference for kids that compelled him to get into the classroom. He has seen firsthand what reaches kids and what doesn't; how to engage parents and how to lose them; how administrators and technology can be helpful or harmful. Honestly, there is no one else in this race with the combination of experiences Matt has. This combination of experiences plus his engagement as a parent of three in EPS really does make him the obvious choice on Nov 7!


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former school board chair endorses loucks in sun current

"I would like to endorse Matt Loucks for Edina School Board. His unique combination of K-12 teaching experience, previous school board experience and business experience gives him important perspectives needed in our district governance. In addition, Matt has been a valued member of the Edina community and has had a positive impact on many students through volunteering, coaching and hosting interns who teach in Edina Schools."
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