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Chill out album reviews, by Freddie B.
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The Show
A wide variety of music for your listening pleasure.

Show Rating        
(Out of 5)
DJ                  Show Date      Perfect For
The Great Australian Pub Crawl  Neale Talbot May 17, 2001 Drinkin' with yer mates!
Pop Goes The Fuzz Rock David Wertheimer May 3, 2001 Driving and singing simultaneously
Poor Man's Speedball James Lileks April 5, 2001 Drinking coffee and liquor simultaneously
The Return of the Guitar Jason Shellen March 29, 2001 Evening drives in the convertible (ok, moonroof open in the Jetta) or bolstering courage to ask out the new girl on the 3rd floor
The Big Chill Dack Ragus March 15, 2001 Summer cocktail parties, head bobbing, writing XHTML, feeling groovy
Mood Swings Andy Wang March 1, 2001 Moping with a sense of purpose; snapping out of a breakup or breakdown; rainy weather
Oldschool Covers Gregor Mittersinker February 15, 2001 Groovin', grindin', funkin', chillin'
Sex and Violence: An XFL Tribute Mike Haney February 1, 2001 Aggressive sexual behavior, breaking shit, watching the XFL, drinkin' Schmidt in your boxers
In Sweet Harmony David Wertheimer January 18, 2001 Singing along, tapping feet, getting hooks stuck in your head
The Best of British Chill Out 2000 Dack Ragus January 4, 2001 Larking, lounging, loafing

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