Photo date: February 11, 2024. See header image archive.

Third Sitework Bid

Three bids are in.

Turns out, everything is in the same general ballpark, so we'll probably end up going with the contractor who's been giving off the best vibes.

We're still waiting on a couple more. You know who you are.

Item Contractor A Contractor B Contractor C
Remove stumps for septic, driveway, and cottage site 4,000.00 5,700.00 2,500.00
Strip topsoil for cottage and driveway 400.00 750.00 950.00
Excavate for frost-wall foundation 860.00 included above 1,150.00
Install driveway 4,389.00
(approx. 3850 SF)
(approx. 2200 SF)
Backfill foundation with excavated material and imported fill 5,790.00 825.00 2,475.00
Supply and place screened stone inside foundation 3,360.00 4,285.00 not included (yet)
Install a 3 bedroom mound system including design and permit fees 25,700.00 bid forthcoming 24,150.00
Final grade after construction (re-lay topsoil) 800.00 not included 650.00