Photo date: February 11, 2024. See header image archive.

First Run

We paid $700 for a snow removal service that hasn't come once, and local golf courses are opening. On January 30th.

But Door County, WI got about a foot of snow on January 12th, so of course I had to drive over and take a few runs down the partially-cleared ski slope.

A few observations and takeaways:

  • This is still early beta.
  • What feels like a wide-enough trail without skis on feels like a chute when you're actually skiing down it.
  • Confirmed: bump skis are awful in 12" of pow.
  • A rope tow is a mandatory requirement.
  • A guy can get shin bang *real* quick hiking up a hill in ski boots.
  • There is an incredible amount of work ahead that almost certainly requires the purchase of a Bobcat.
  • The full release might be delayed until winter 2025-26.