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Picking the Flicks, 1990-2004
See dack.com's picks for the best, worst, most overrated, and best sleepers for the past 14 years.
Movie Reviews
Back in the dack.com weblog heyday I wrote about 20 (mostly scathing) movie reviews.
Best Sleepers of the '90s
I've seen some pretty good "undiscovered" movies over the past decade, and thought I'd share them with you.
Suggest Your Favorite Sleeper
Finding a sleeper is like finding hidden treasure. Submit a good one and win a dack.com hat!
Cell Phone Theater
Movies once only available on a web-enabled cell phone now available on an ordinary web browser.
Savage Critics
I just love it when critics savage a movie. Here's a running list of my faves.
Cin-O-Matic Lists
Lists of movies I've seen and movies I wanna see, courtesy of the best damn movie site on the Web. Updated almost daily.

I don't get it
Go had everything going for it: direction from the guy who most recently did Swingers (Doug Liman), a hip style, groovy soundtrack, and aimed at a demographic (20-35) that sees a lot of movies. Yet it fell flat at the box office, grossing less than $17M, far less than some of 1999's pure crap like The Out of Towners ($28M) and Entrapment ($85M).

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