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Picking the flicks, 1990-2004
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Picking the Flicks, 1990-2004
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Year             Best Movie Worst Movie Most Overrated Best Sleeper
2004 (so far) Insufficient data.
2003 Insufficient data.
2002 Insufficient data.
2001 Insufficient data.
2000 Insufficient data.
Hip, high-energy pulp fiction that's tons of fun, with a fantastic soundtrack to boot.
200 Cigarettes
Unwatchable comedy/drama mercifully spent only days in theaters.
Fight Club
Criticism of consumer culture, lamenting the marginalization of the modern-day male, and philosophical musings coming from Brad Pitt just don't work. Rated by imdb viewers as one of the best films of all time. Sure. And I'm the Queen of England!
Fans of Matthew Broderick, and smartly written, dark comedy will love this sleeper.
1998 The Big Lebowski
Jeff Bridges and John Goodman have a ball with a farcical Coen brothers film that's their masterpiece.
A Perfect Murder
A drama-less and thrill-less drama/thriller in which a Manhattan apartment is the most interesting character.
There's Something About Mary
Mary's dog is the only amusing character in this vastly overrated dud that goes for laughs by poking fun at the retarded and handicapped. Sadly, a sequel looms.
The Celebration
Dark, doggy Danish flick shot with a $1000 Sony handicam in the "pure" Dogma 95 filmmaking style.
1997 The Spanish Prisoner
Mysterious, sleek Mamet thriller always stays one step ahead of its audience and keeps it guessing till the end.
Chasing Amy
Writer/director Kevin Smith's comedy isn't funny, his drama is labored, and his real-life girlfriend (Joey Lauren Adams) is an awful actress.
Austin Powers
After a strong opening scene, AP goes long stretches between (tiny) laughs, and is really quite a bore.
Hard Eight
Paul Thomas Anderson's casino-based noir is a hidden gem with a great cast.
1996 Fargo
Coen brothers masterpiece that somehow makes it OK to laugh hysterically when one of the film's lead characters gets ground up in a wood chipper.
The Trigger Effect
Horrible drama about an L.A. power outage begins at the farfetched and ends at the ridiculous, while trying to be serious throughout.
Lone Star
Self-indulgent, overly complex, and way overlong drama with very small payoff.
Suspenseful and stylish lesbian noir is just plain awesome.
1995 Clueless
Amy Heckerling's send-up of Valley Girls' culture won't age too well, but it was 1995's best.
Four Rooms
God-awful anthology film tied together by an extremely annoying and unfunny Tim Roth.
The Usual Suspects
A decent movie, to be sure, and Kevin Spacey is good, but it's more predictable and far less clever than perceived.
Living in Oblivion
Oddball comedy about indie film shoot is a genuine find. Bonus points: Steve Buscemi stars.
1994 Pulp Fiction
Shallow Grave
1993 Watch It
Fear of a Black Hat
1992 Red Rock West
Peter's Friends
Leaving Normal
The Waterdance
1991 Boyz N the Hood
Silence of the Lambs
1990 Metropolitan
Pretty Woman

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