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The excellent intranet cost analyzer
Best practices for designing shopping cart and checkout interfaces
Flash is evil
The web economy bullshit generator
Flash vs. HTML: a usability test

Seperated at birth?
Separated at birth? Delta house pledgemaster Bluto Blutarsky and web site usability master Jakob Nielsen.

The Excellent Intranet Cost Analyzer
Quickly calculate the annual cost of a company's poorly designed intranet.
Best Practices for Designing Shopping Cart and Checkout Interfaces
(This page is large, and includes images)
If you design or build e-commerce sites, this is a must-read.
Flash is Evil
Macromedia's Flash is annoying, and it badly hurts the Web's usability.
The Web Economy Bullshit Generator
This is fun for the whole family.
Flash vs. HTML: A Usability Test
If this was a fight, it would've been stopped.
Amazon 2001: A Navigation Odyssey
When do tabs stop making sense? Do they ever make sense?
See Also:
Supper Club Nation (opens in new window)
This entry into the 2000 5k site design competition also serves as a handy drink-making guide.

bandwidth blues for years to come
Despite all the hype about DSL and cable modems, the Gartner Group predicts that in 2004, 60% of residential internet users will still connect with analog modems (top speed: 56 kbps).

Content providers and site developers that target the home market should consider this, and conserve bandwidth by building sites that download reasonably fast over slow connections.

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