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Current stock picks
Current Stock Picks
Last updated: 1.Sep.99

(this page's ticker symbols link to www.smartmoney.com)

Full dislosure: I hold positions in all the stocks listed.

Company Ticker Description Bonus Points Action Plan Price at Recommendation
Philip Morris MO Philip Morris makes cigarettes, beer, and processed cheese, and what do Americans consume more of than cigarettes, beer, and processed cheese? Trading at a P/E of 14, this money-making machine is the ultimate value play. often sued
makes a product that kills people
buy 37.44
Citigroup C Huge, diversified financial services firm has deep global reach, and trades at a discount to the rest of the market. shares always go on sale when interest rates rise, even though it's insulated itself well against rate swings
bet the farm 44.44
Bell South BLS Now that BLS lost in its bid for Sprint, it may itself become a takeover target. nobody cares about a stodgy Baby Bell, even though earnings have grown 20% a year for the past 5 years
buy on dips 45.25
Ford F Ford is at the top of any value screen, trading at about 10 times trailing earnings. Inspired 2000 product line will sell well. winning the arms race for the road's biggest SUV: the 2000 Excursion is bigger than a Chevy Suburban
buy 52.12
Disney DIS Disney is in the midst of its worse crisis in years, and its stock has been abused over the past 12 months, but it owns a nice portfolio of entertainment-related assets and is one of the world's strongest brands. recent negative article in Forbes just the thing contrarians look for
buy 27.75

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