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The Big dack.com Golf Bag Dork Test
Inspect your bag and check the appropriate boxes.
In the Bag
Forged blades [+8]
Forged blades with hickory shafts [+15]
Iron covers [-3]
Any club made by Alien golf [-6]
Any headcover depicting a fish or mammal (Tiger Woods, Greg Norman, and Craig Stadler excluded) [-6]
Any headcover depicting a gorilla [-10]
Ball retreiver [-3]
Suction cup-equipped putter [-8]
In the Side Pocket
Cell phone [-10]
Cell phone that's on [-50]
Fewer than 6 golf balls [+5]
Any non-white golf balls [-8]
Any non-white tees [-5]
Any foreign coins (except from Canada) [+5]
making sense of your score
<< Your Score
0 to 33 non-dork
-1 to -29 dork
-30 to -59 total dork
-60 to -109 dork galore

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