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Twin cities' golf guide
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Twin Cities' Golf Guide
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Course Rating Cost
(18 holes; weekend)
Value Score
lower # is better value
Tank Top Rating
Baker National 3 $29 9.67
Dahlgreen .5 $30 60
Francis A. Gross 1 $25 25
Inverwood 2 $26 13
Les Bolstad 2.5 $25 10
Mississippi Dunes 4 $35 8.75
Willinger's 3.5 $40 11.4

About the Value Score:
The Value Score is calculated much like a stock's P/E ratio: I take the cost of playing 18 holes on the weekend and divide by the dack.com star rating. The lower the number, the greater the value.

About the Tank Top Rating:
The Tank Top Rating is a measure of the likelihood you'll see someone in a tank top.
everyone wears them

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