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Determine Your Social Class Based on What You Drink
No, really.

This rating system is based heavily on Paul Fussell's book Class, possibly the most important book ever written. Of course, how you speak, what you wear, the items in your living room, and what time you eat dinner all have a great deal to do with your social class, but what you drink says a lot, too.

  Mixed Drinks/Liquor Wine Beer
upper/upper middle vodka with water or on the rocks
scotch with water or on the rocks
bloody marys (before 3 pm)
dry whites bottled european imports
middle vodka with tonic
scotch and soda
bourbon and ginger
anything with brandy
bloody marys (after 3 pm)
white zinfandel
domestic bottles (including all microbrews)
anything with schnapps of any kind
martinis after dinner
seven and seven
daiquiris, stinger mists, brandy Alexanders, sweet manhattans (before dinner)
fruit wine (before dinner)
any wine in a box
domestic cans

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