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Twin Cities' bar guide and exclusive meat market rating
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Twin Cities' Bar Guide and Exclusive Meat Market Rating
Am I missing one of your favorite hang outs? Tell me about it.

This page's bar links go to twincities.sidewalk.com.

Bar The Scene Meat Market Rating
Banana Joe's
Banana Joe's is one of the world's cheesiest places, yet the spring break theme loosens everyone's inhibitions and makes a visit there a guilty pleasure. SteakSteakSteakSteak
(out of a possible four)
Brit's Pub
Late twenty and thirtysomething professionals gather over great beer and shitty food at one of The Cities' most pleasant drinking environments. SteakSteakSteak
Club Ashe
A truly pathetic scene: overdressed thirtysomething single/divorced men and overdressed single/divorced (but mostly divorced) women eye each other up over martinis and cigars. SteakSteakSteakSteak
The Front
The Cities' coolest bar by a wide margin. Groovy tunes, an alternative crowd, and pints of Amstel Light for $3.00. Recently has become a bit too popular, but did I mention that pints of Amstel Light are $3.00? Steak
Polish Palace
Venerable nordeast bar is as comfortable as your favorite pair of chinos, and one of the only spots in town that's rockin' at 8 AM (at least that's what I hear). no steaks
Walker After Hours
(second Friday of every month)
The folks at the Walker would probably like to believe their "After Hours" is about art and culture, but it's really all about getting bombed and scoping members of the opposite sex. The chummy atmosphere makes it one of the best pickup joints the dack.com research team has ever seen: "Hey, you like art? So do I. Let's go out sometime." SteakSteakSteakSteak
William's Pub
(Thursday Night)
The Cities' best tap beer selection is tragically wasted on Bud-Light-swillin', Abercrombie-Fitch-wearin' twentysomethings looking to hook up. If you go, and if you're a guy, be sure to severely curve the bill of your baseball cap. SteakSteakSteakSteak

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