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1999 Q3

American Beauty rules. The flick's third act is a tad disappointing, but the heavy dose of dry, dark humor and occasional astute social commentary more than make up for it. Annette Bening's not only a babe, but a darn good actress too, and there's a great chemistry between her and always-excellent Kevin Spacey, who gets to act out every man's dream by quitting his job, drinking a lot of beer, getting high, and lusting after cute teenage girls.

Death in Vegas' album Dead Elvis is one of my current favorites, so I was excited to see that their second CD, The Contino Sessions, was recently released. While I wait for a box from amazon, please provide me with a review if you've had a listen.

The Quayle campaign's complete irrelevance was clearly demonstrated by last night's Road to the White House. The broadcast of a Labor Day rally in Derry, New Hampshire was hard to watch, with the former veep stringing together a collection of platitudes in front of just three microphones and about two dozen supporters.

Albert Brooks really has lost his edge. Brooks, the guy who gave us Modern Romance and the priceless Lost in America, has hit rock bottom with The Muse, a "comedy" in which each joke falls flatter than the last. My only explanation for critics' fairly warm reviews of this turkey is the actor/director cameos and inside Hollywood jokes. Note to Albert Brooks: follow the advice given to your fictional character by that jerk-off producer from Paramount: Take some time off, re-charge your batteries, and write something good.

I love Communication Arts. It's one of those magazines you drop everything for when it shows up in the mailbox. They should, however, skip the development of Interactive Design Annual CD-ROMs. This year's version gobbled up 24 MBs of my hard drive, and was one of the most annoying, difficult-to-navigate multimedia pieces I've ever experienced. It was so frustrating to use, in fact, that I abandoned it entirely in favor of going to the winning sites and seeing them for myself.

The bidding system that's part of ebay, and every other auction site, can lead to some poor financial decisions in exchange for winning the auction. Example: I'm in the market for a Sony digital video camera, the tiny dcr-pc1. I turned first to ebay, thinking a bargain might be had, but the going price for a brand new dcr-pc1 was $1410. After some digging at pricewatch.com, I found a new one for $1289. Sold. And it's from a retailer who accepts credit cards, has a customer service number, and allows returns.

I remember a junior high classmate who said he would let somebody hack off his pinkie finger in exchange for $50,000. Apparently he's moved from the extremities to internal organs, offering a kidney in exchange for millions.

Is the dack.com readership a bunch of drunks? By far the most popular feature since the site's launch has been the "drunk by any other name" submission form. I've diligently added the latest submissions to the list.

It's been suggested by several readers that dack.com be added to the suck list, and that move is currently under consideration by the editorial board. Stay tuned.

At least one reader has a different view: "Hey Dack - I love the new site. You found the perfect balance between creativity, wit, and intellect with a dash of snobby. Fabulous!"

Whew. After long hours toiling over an outdated PC and a copy of HomeSite, dack.com is finally more than just a chart of today's Dow Jones Industrial Average. Enjoy. And be sure to let me know what you think.

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"Since you're gone my empty arms have nothing left to hold. And your memory cannot keep me warm but it never leaves me cold."

— Steve Earle

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