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December 16, 2002

New Cell Phone Theater - Christmas Release

Star Trek
Harry Potter
Grumpy Old Men
Crocodile Dundee

See the originals


December 4, 2002

Hot Holiday Girl-Girl Action. From a GAP Catalog.

GapBody Catalog - CoverGapBody Catalog - Inside
Click to enlarge.


November 20, 2002

Better Late Than Never

AeronThis page was created about three years too late, but it's still worthwhile to point out that Herman Miller's Aeron chair is not just the symbol of wasted VC money and dot-com failure, it's also a beautiful example of a triumph of form over function.


October 23, 2002

New Home Page

Welcome to the new home page. Don't worry, the ever-popular warlog is still here. Look to your left. This page has been modified because (a.) for the past year I've been getting a regular dose of email asking questions like "Where's the bullshit generator?" and "Where's that Flash usability test?", and (b.) there will be some new non-war-related content on the site I want to link to. Your feedback is welcome.


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