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Bob Slowik Must Be Fired

Bob Slowik On January 16, 2004 Green Bay Packers coach Mike Sherman fired defensive coordinator Ed Donatell, making him the official scapegoat for his team's 4th-and-26 meltdown against the Philadelphia Eagles in the Packers' 20-17 loss of last year's NFC divisional playoff game.

To replace Donatell, Sherman promoted defensive backs coach Bob Slowik.

Slowik, who previously coordinated middling defenses in Chicago and Cleveland, drew up a high-pressure, high-risk, blitz-heavy scheme that was to be the identity of the 2004 Packers defense. After giving up 5 TD passes in the first half vs. Indianapolis in Week 3, his scheme was abandoned. Still, his defense gave up 5 TD passes in the first half in Week 13 against Philadelphia.

But twice giving up 5 TD passes in the first half is not why Bob Slowik must be fired. Nor is it his glaring lack of takeaways, or the insanely high opponents' passer rating. No. Bob Slowik must be fired because he schemed a defense that set many records -- in a bad way -- in the history of the Packer franchise.

Bob Slowik All-Time Records

Bob Slowik's defense is one for the history books. In a really, really bad way.

Record Slowik
Fewest Opponent Turnovers, Season 15 16 (1995)
Fewest Passes Intercepted By, Season 8 13 (1980, 1995, 1998)
Fewest Forced Fumbles, Season 11 12 (1995)
Most First Downs Allowed, Passing, Season 228 188 (1995)
Most Yards Allowed, Net Passing, Season 3,943 3,762 (1983)
Most Yards Allowed, Passing, Game 464 448 (2004)
Most TD Allowed Passing, Season 33 31 (1986)
Highest Opponents' Passer Rating, Season 99.1 86.1 (1958)

Close-But-No-Cigar Bob Slowik All-Time Records

Thanks to Rich Wingo, Ezra Johnson, Estes Hood, and Ken Stills, Slowik finished second all-time in these categories:

Record Slowik
Most First Downs Allowed, Season 354 366 (1983)
Most First Downs Allowed, Penalty, Season 28 29 (2002)
Highest Completion Percentage Allowed, Season 60.6 63.45 (1989)

Likely Bob Slowik All-Time Records

Here are a few other likely records that I could not verify. Please send me an email if you have source info.

  • Fewest fumbles recovered, season
    7. 2nd-lowest in NFL.
  • Opponents' 3rd down conversion percentage, season
    47.3. 2nd-worst in NFL.
  • Opponents' passing yards/attempt, season
    7.61. 4th-worst in NFL.
  • Opponents' passing yards/completion, season
    12.6. 3rd-worst in NFL.
  • Most passing TDs allowed, first half
    5. But you knew that.
  • Most passing TDs, first half
    5. Indianapolis franchise record.
  • Most passing TDs, first half
    5. Philadelphia franchise record.
  • Most completions, start a game
    14. Philadelphia franchise record. Confirmed.
  • Most passing yards, game
    464. Philadelphia franchise record. Confirmed.

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